Ever been rejected and you feel like it is the end? Rejection is a general thing and it is an occurrence that would definitely happen to everyone anytime one way or the other. Rejection doesn’t give a notice. It just happens. You would experience rejection at least 2 times in your lifetime. As human beings, everyone wants to be accepted and loved which is actually not a bad thing and definitely not our fault as human beings. That is just the way we are created. Because of this, we tend to always try to do everything to make sure other people like us. But then, we need to realize that life is not like that. Life has a different way of happening  CONTINUE READING


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  Women at this time should know that the best life they can live is a life where they are financially capable and can lead their lives without having to depend on the decisions of a man. Of course, as a woman we still feel our husbands or fathers should take responsibility over us. I have always thought that is an archaic and lame way of thinking. I think that should be in the past and should go in oblivion. A women should be financially capable on her own and this should be made known to the other gender. Do you know what it means to be financially capable as a woman? Let me explain…  CONTINUE READING COMMENTS AND REACTIONS ARE HIGHLY APPRECIATED. NEW BOOK ALERT!!!! BECOME A JUMIA AFFILIATE IN 20 MINS E-BOOK IS GOING FOR #500 ONLY. CONTAINS LINK TO VIDEO EXPLAINING THE STEPS AND OTHER FREE BIE GRAB YOUR OWN COPY NOW!!!!!!!


Often times you tend to just take life the way we see it. You are just grateful to be alive to see the next dawn. If this is you, it is time to move out of the depth of just survival mode and step forward into abundant life, a life of flourish. Life should not just be about survival. Life should be seen as an avenue to thrive. Do you even understand what it means to thrive? In its simplest form, thriving means to flourish, to grow, to progress towards achieving a particular goal despite many circumstances. Thriving is simply feeling good about yourself. Doing something extraordinary that makes you a master in your acts Continue reading Your comments are highly appreciated....

CAREER OF FAMILY? As a woman which one should you take more seriously...

                                                                                                         CAREER OR FAMILY? I have always been the career-oriented kind of woman and as a result I have lost a lot of relationships. Most of these guys don’t seem to understand my hunger for getting great achievements. Or should I say I have not always been lucky. But then, I didn’t mind at all. This is what I want and I go for it. My career is very important to me and I give it my all in all. I believed that I should take my career more seriously so that I would be able to take care of my family.  Continue reading read also Reveal or Cover up Shoot that shot now Trust your instincts Your comments and additions would be highly appreciated...


  The basic principles of achieving excellence: A friend of mine visited me a while ago and we got talking. Gradually, our conversation diverted to talk about successful business people, top athletes, celebrities etc. Our conversation was basically filled with admiration for these set of people. We marveled at how easy their life was and how they have made it in life. These set of people have achieved almost perfection in various aspect of their lives. We also deviated to some of our friends who have achieved a big feat in school, who now had excellent careers and an almost perfect life etc. but then we made one mistake......... CONTINUE READING READ ALSO Trust your instincts how to achieve true happiness Your comments are highly appreciated.


  Often times you wonder what the future actually holds for you. And then you get petrified at the very thought of not having even a hint of it. This usually happen when you are moving past a particular stage in your life. For instance, when you are graduating from school, completing NYSC or even changing jobs etc. You just keep imagining what the future actually holds especially in this part of the world. This situation actually brings fear which increases with each passing day. This can even cause loss of concentration for better things.  Continue Reading If you love my posts, kindly follow us on IG  @eazywave_consult Check out other Interesting Topics on this Blog..... LOVE YOU !!!!! See also: CUT YOUR COAT ACCORDING TO YOUR CLOTH HOW TO HANDLE REJECTION WE DON'T ALWAYS GET ALL WE WANT READ ON POSTS ON ONLINE AND OFFLINE BUSINESS TIPS  HERE READ STORIES  HERE